Using the UI to control the radio

I will one day need the remote capability, but for now am concentrating on simply using wfview to control my ic-7300. Of course I will be happy to see some of the additional feature already on the Road Map (starting with Band Stacking Registers), but for now have noticed a couple of things I have observed:

  1. Sometimes, I double-click a frequency on the UI, and the radio changes frequency but wfview does not. I double-click again to get things in sync.
  2. Using the mouse wheel to fine-tune, I find my accuracy better in the waterfall, not the spectrum display, but frequently I move the mouse into the area between the two and the wheel no longer tunes. Maybe changing the focus are from either spectrum display or waterfall display to the surrounding area would be more effective?

Just some feedback. You folks are doing a great job!


Hi Dave,

You can also try holding Control or Shift while scrolling to adjust the tuning step. There is also a checkbox under settings about setting the trailing digits to zero, you might want to try that.

I too have seen that sometimes we miss a beat with the double-click. I’m not entirely sure why it “sometimes” happens, but we’re keeping an eye on it for sure.


de W6EL

Thanks, Elliott. I do have the trailing digits set to 0, and have used Control and Shift. I typically have tuning step at 100Hz, and like that double-clicking to change frequency follows the tuning step and trailing digits settings. At times I wish there were separate settings for tuning step: one for the mouse wheel (or plus and minus keys) and another for the double-click. On 40m SSB, for example, I can move around pretty quickly and accurately if I have the tuning step set to 1kHz, and then use shift-mouse wheel to adjust by 100Hz, if needed. Mostly, I just use 100Hz steps. Just thinking out loud.


Hi Dave,

The code is there for such things – tuning steps are set for each type of tuning as separate variables. We just need a UI for adjusting them.

Maybe in R2.

de W6EL