V1.0 release

Hi Elliot,

Congrats on releasing v1.0.

So far easy peasy. Love the new installer. My Avast Free Antivirus complained about the vbs script.
I first have noticed a significant improvement regarding packet loss from a win10 Ethernet desktop to my wireless IC-705 over pass test releases.

Later on after some testing windows, I will recompiled v1.0 on my Raspi 3b+ and report back.

Have a great day and thank you and the team for efforts

regards Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks again. Phil is responsible for both the Mac and Windows builds (including the installer), and I think he did a great job!

We see a lot of packet loss still on the IC-705. When connected to my IC-9700, even over a laptop and a wifi bridge, I see zero or maybe 1-2 packets lost per 100000 sent. I’m guessing the 705 has some issues with wifi. If you look carefully at some of the videos on youtube of people running wfview, you can easily spot the packet loss counter on the 705 rigs :).

Don’t forget to do make on the pi rather than make -j. Many Pis run out of memory or power for the multi-core -j work.

de W6EL