Version 1.5

Simple question on the client side what is radio ip address? The setup screen shows zed.local, so what do I use as my radio ip address?

Hi Terry,

Just like the documentation says, type in your server’s ip address or hostname (if you know it).

de W6EL


When I launch the 1.5 version, I still see the settings page from 1.43? I don’t see the settings page that shows in like the example shown in documentation? Do I need to delete some file?

Hi Terry.

Are you sure that you are actually running 1.50? Click on the About button and it will tell you which version you are actually running.

73 Phil M0VSE

Screen shots.

Yes that all looks like v1.50. What exactly are you missing?

I don’t see this screen, I see the 1.43 screen as noted earlier.

Hi Terry,

The screenshot in your email (the one with “zed.local”) is quite outdated. I am sorry if some of our documents are old, we are working fast to replace them all. Please do not worry that your screen looks different.

Your photographs clearly show version 1.5, which is great. You do not see the older style settings screen because we have made it better in 1.5 and it looks different.

Please see here for the new version’s screenshot of that particular page:

de W6EL


Still trying to get office computer to connect with Garage computer. attached are my most recent logs:
wfview-20221006143811.log (29.6 KB)
wfview-20221006172724.log (2.1 KB)