vfview with IC-7851 on PC Windows 10

Anyone know if vfview will work on an Icom IC-7851
with a Windows 10 computer via USB cable
Thanks in advance

Can control the Frequency, power On and Off
the radio fine
Can not see any Spectrum Scope or Waterfall
via vfview with IC-7851
Get Two Com Ports via USB cable on the Icom
IC-7851 and Windows 10 PC
Baudrate set to 115200
Anyone have any experience in setting up
Serial (USB) to an IC-7851 ?
Thanks in advance

Figured it out
Set Manual CI-V address to 8E
Now can see Waterfall and Spectrum Scope
with IC-7851

Glad it’s working, Mike.

A few notes:

  1. If you turn on CI-V Transceive, wfview may respond quicker and will auto-detect the radio without manual CI-V address.
  2. Using ethernet, the spectrum display will be significantly faster.

Sorry for the delay. I haven’t actually tried wfview with that radio over USB, so I do appreciate your report.

de W6EL

it works over usb but why using usb if you have network conn?