Virtual COM port in IC-705


first congrats for the very cool software. Works very well. I am using V1.0

As I tried to set up an virtual interface for CAT
control ist doesn’t work on my Win10 PC, WSJT-X wasn’t able to send CAT commands through virtual COM Port. And it must be exists, it is not possible to create a new virtual interface.

Using Linux it works well.

So do I forget to set something?

73s, Jens/DH1AKY

Hi Jens,

Have you seen the virtual serial port document in the manual?

Give that a read and see if you’ve missed any steps. For windows, there are considerably more than for linux since we have to operate with a third-party loop-back serial device.

Glad it’s working otherwise!


yes I have seen the section in the manual. I’ll check that again tomorrow.

73s, Jens