Virtual Port speed

Is there a speed limit on the Virtual Port? I’m connecting SDR Console to the virtual port via Omnirig. Omnirig is setup for the ic-7300 which is set for 115200 speed. SO can I use 115200 in Omnirig?

Hi Alan,

My understanding is that the baud rate is not actually a used parameter with a purely virtual terminal such as a Unix-style pty.

However, some virtual serial port software may enforce a rate limit, I don’t know for sure.

Try the same speed as the rig. I’m sure you at least don’t want to bottleneck it.

de W6EL

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I just went with 115200 which is what the 7300 uses. I’ve been having some intermittent radio dropouts in sdr console. Trying to pen down what the cause is. Sdr console uses omnirig so I tried changing the rate in omnirig but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I wish sdr console had hamlib as an option so I could eliminate omnirig. Back to the drawing board. Thanks!