WFVIEW 1.1a testversion released

thanks for the report Jeffrey.

re the size I recall that for windows there have been options somewhere. maybe Phil can chime in.

Now that we talk about Phil – he just added a “don’t ask again” checkbox that gives you the option to exit after ticking the “do not ask again” box.

Hi Roeland. Thanks for the ‘don’t ask again’ checkbox. In windows you just use the lower right corner of the window to size, but now it only gets so small and doesn’t fit on my crowded screen as well as ver 1.0 did, so something is different.

73 Jeff kb2m

Hi Elliott,

I had the same issue Uli reported on Linux Mint 20.2 with the
precompiled binary. The fullbuild script worked without issue. I tested
on an R-8600 RX and an IC-7610 TRX over LAN and an IC-705 over WLAN.
Switching from one to the other over LAN/WLAN was merely changing the IP and a
disconnect and connect cmd. Nice job!

Peter - PA0PJE

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I’ll update the instructions to cover this version with the precompiled binary if possible; else I’ll add information what to do to build.

I have now two versions - one for extreme new versions and one for older versions of the OS.
Thinking of how to distribute that – you need “the other version” only if it segfaults at start.

I’m running Ubuntu 21.04 on a Raspberry Pi, and also got the missing qt5-default error.

By commenting the qt5-default line out of the error goes away and it builds just fine.