WFview DM780 HRD via Wifi

I have a LAN connections over Wifi from Icom IC 705 to the PC.

Command and Audio works perfect.

But i want to use HRD (last update) DM780 and Log prg in use.

Is i possible to use this programs also together.

In my settings in HRD is CI-V = Port 4 and Audio = Ser port 5

Hi Torben,

Yes, you can share control with a second program. On windows, this involves setting up a “virtual” serial loopback from wfview into HRD.

Here is a section from the user manual on this topic:

There’s also this video, where it is shown how to run wfview with wsjt-x. You can follow the basic directions for setup, with HRD it requires the same changes to wfview and your system.