Wfview intragration into fldigi for windows

I am trying to build up systems for EMCOM use. What i currently have is UZ7HO sound modem with wfview as my rig control to an ic 705. Id like to use fldigi for digital modes. So far have not found any guide for putting them together. I should say that i have sound modem and wfview working together.


I’m not sure what the sound modem is, but we have guides in our website for sharing control and audio. Have you checked the manual on our website?

de W6EL

for reference, it’s emcomm – I had to look up what it was for.

The “sound modem” that Russ refers to is a virtual TNC for doing packet radio.

Russ, should be the same sort of thing for fldigi: just set the rig control and soundcard as appropriate, should be straightforward from the Wfview documentation.