Wfview v1.1 soon to be released

hi all,

we’re going to release a point-testrelease soon; people that are compiling – if you use master you can track our adventures there.

a small whatsnew:

The following highlights are in this dot-release:

 added IC7700, 718, 7100. (more testing needed)
 fixes and improvements to audio
 ability to choose between rtaudio and qtmultimedia (default) as compile time option
 fixes and lots of improvements at the usb-server end
 waterfall length can be adjusted now
 no need to restart to change CIV address
 seamless changing rigs without restart
 started support for older rigs like the 718
 wf display disappears when there is no wf capable rig
 IC R8600 support improved
 for older rigs added a polling timing box to keep stuff keeping smooth 

note that you will find that the rx latency slider may be moved up a few bits – we’re looking for an automatied way to dynamically adjust it without intervention. So don’t panic if you see high values there. The real values are live shown on the status bar.

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