wfview won't launch under macOS Big Sur 11.4 - launched under 11.4

wfview used to launch when I ran macOS 11.3, but recently the OS was updated to 11.4, and now wfview won’t launch. No error message. I uninstalled it and downloaded it again, but it still won’t launch.
George W1CA

Hi George.

I haven’t updated my development machine yet but I assume they have broken something?

I will get it updated to 11.4 and see what has changed.

73 Phil M0VSE


I am using wfview 1.0 on macOS 11.4 without issue.

Hi George,

Any log files of interest getting generated? If the log file is enormous (several MB), please delete it. Then start wfview again, and re-check the log file.


de W6EL