Where is the PC name configuration file for WiFi connection ?

First of all, thank the author for his hard work and selfless dedication!

My computer name has some Chinese characters. When I first connect to ic705 through WiFi, only “ic705 used by xx PC …"is displayed in the lower right corner of the software.IC705 was connected but there was no communication.

I guessed that it might be the problem of the pc name and It was verified on other pc. Indeed, although the original computer was changed to an English name totally, even if the software was uninstalled and reinstalled, the original Chinese name of the computer was still displayed after reconnection, which made it unusable.

Is the MAC address recorded in the network connection configuration file? Where is it? How to solve it? thank you very much!




wfview is a team effort, and because it is open source, there are many contributors now!

The message you received actually comes from the radio. In this case, the radio is rejecting you because it thinks you are already using it! You can resolve the issue by making sure all radio control software is closed down, and then rebooting the radio (turn off, turn back on). Occasionally this does happen. Usually if you wait 5 minutes it will clear up on its own, but I like to reboot the radio instead.

Windows is funny with hostnames, sometimes it does not take fully the new name until a reboot or two. But that said, I doubt the Icom protocol has support for unicode, I think it is just the most basic ASCII set.

There is no MAC address recorded. I think if you just try again you’ll get it working. You’ve got to be close.

de W6EL

Hi eliggett, thanks for your reply so quickly!

As you said, reset ic705 and reconnect. The problem is solved!

Thanks alot!



Wonderful, glad to hear it!

de W6EL

Hi eliggett,the problem arises again:(

When I tried to connect it, the information prompted by ic705 returns to the previous state

and cannot be communicated. Even resetting ic705 won’t work this time. What do you

think may be the reason? Does ic705 record the MAC address of the connected

machine and which cannot be cleared by reset? But why it was valid at the first time? I’m

really confused.




If wfview says “ic705 used by xx” that means that either another computer is already connected or it doesn’t recognize that the computer name is itself. Wfview has not been tested with non-roman character sets so it is quite possible the Chinese characters in your computer name are confusing it.

I will have a look through the code to see if this can be fixed easily but I would recommend removing any Chinese characters from your computer name for now if possible.

73 Phil M0VSE

One thing you can try is to run regedit.exe and edit the registry value at:


This will automatically be the first 8 characters of your computer name so you could try replacing this with something that doesn’t include Chinese characters.

I have assumed you are using Windows…

73 Phil