Win4icom with wfview?

Any using win4icom on the client pc, connected via wfview? I have paired virtual ports, and win4 icom connects, but then immediately gets scrambled…i suspect its because win4icom doesnt like civ transcieve on…but, i think ive seen reports of on this forum of people using both, and i am curious how they have it configured

Hi Jamie,

What radio are you using?

You can turn off CI-V Transceive on some radios, if you manually define the CI-V address in wfview and do not have an IC-7610 (because that seems to not work properly). You will note that the UI is a bit more slugish to respond to the radio’s knobs.

de W6EL


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Hi Jamie,

Can you send me your wfview log file? Ideally, delete the log file first, and then open wfview and add Win4Icom to the mix, run it for a bit, perhaps twiddle some knobs, and then close the apps and send it.


de W6EL

You lost me at Powershell !!. Lol…

I have had it running for a short time and then it lost the way. (the first version that ‘connects’ to rsba1 too)

made some progress, just not sure why…Im using vspe to create a port pair, coms 10 and 12…ive been trying to connect win4icom with no luck…so connected N1MM and bingo, it works…shut MM down, .tried win4icom, it works !!..later tried again, win4icom wont connect…so I thought I try Mm, it works…shut MM down, then tried win4icom, it works !!! no matter what how many times I try it, win4 icom never connects, unless I connect MM first…its like MM toggles the port or something !!! Not sure why, but its definitely repeatable…now, once win4icom connects, wfview stops following the radio…

Hi Jamie,

I use Win4Icom Suite with my 7300 and have been experimenting with wfview.

My understanding is that if you use Win4Icom then it wants to act as the gatekeeper for any other apps like N1MM, WSJT, etc. that want to communicate with its rig.

If you have set up virtual serial ports and linked them to Win4Icom as described in the manual then it and wfview may be able to coexist. However, two pieces of rig control software issuing commands to one radio is bound to cause conflicts.

What benefit do you see by using them concurrently?

Ken Alexander VE3HLS
So Phisai, Thailand (OK18rc)

My benefit is the remote audio…the win4 cannot connect to the radio server directly, and the client server app latency makes it nearly impossible to run cw. With wfview, it worked first time out of the box, and the latency is not noticeable

Hi Jamie,

Interesting. How are you sending CW with wfview?

I had trouble with the Win4Icom client/server too so now I log onto the computer next to my 7300 via chrome Remote Desktop and use a separate audio streaming service to hear what’s on the radio. CW contests are a bear; It takes about 1/2 second or more from the time I press a key in N1MM until something actually happens. Audio is shaky too. Dits and dahs go missing…

I’m waiting for the person who hosts my remote station in VE3 to forward some ports in his router for me so I can try wfview using its own client/server.


I run MM on the hamshack pc ( remote) connected to my laptop with anydesk…using wfview for the audio stream…almost no latency noted, running 30 wpm for close to 200 contacts in wpx…previously tried the win4icom client server setup, and most of the time, I would only copy 3S being sent, due to the cuts off/latency/general timing issues…only missing the sidetone, which a few have said is on the usb codec, but i suspect they are not using a remote…

With my current setup, if you were calling CQ Contest on CW, I would have to press F4 in N1MM as you were sending the second “W” or the “3” in your call or I would be too late!

what are you using for remote desktop? I am using anydesk,

I’m using Chrome Remote Desktop (comes with the Google Chrome browser). I tried Anydesk and Team Viewer without success. Had problems and all requests for assistance were ignored. Chrome Remote Desktop has been solid since the day I first set it up.


The next version of wfview will have even lower latency thanks to Phil’s new code :-). Just throwing that in here. I enjoy hearing what you folks are looking for with regards to CW.

de W6EL

I use nomachine nx ; can be used across the OS’es,including android (ios?) and is encrypted over ssh here

Whats the LAN slider do on the View tab?

that’s he input level to the rig

I tried on my raspi4 to connect to win4Icom via network, but I can’t establish a connection due to user/pw error.
Is there a problem with the pw-encryption between windows and linux?
Is wfview able to simulate a RS-BA1 server?

Hi Andreas,

wfview uses the same protocol as the server built into Icom rigs which is NOT compatible with win4icom. You can use Icom remote utility ‘or’ wfview to connect to a wfview server.

73 Phil M0VSE