Windows 10 Speakers (Realtex HD Audio)

I decided to try USB (LAN works great over the internet) for the first time and noticed that no matter what I do in setup for audio settings, sound will only come out of the IC-7610 speaker. Any suggestions? Kevin, WA6JKN

Hi Kevin,

Wfview does not make use of the radio’s sound when you are using it locally over USB.

I believe there are some windows apps that can redirect the sound from one device to another.

de W6EL

generral note…

using USB if LAN is available at the rig, is not a good idea unless someone has good reasons to. Ease and speed is not ons of the.

you can keep the USB connected of course locally.

The computer has an awesome sound system that I use for most RX activity when I am in the shack. It would be nice if wfview would allow my external computer speakers.

Kevin, WA6JKN

it does if you use lan…