Wish List: Audio Eq.?


For the wish-list:

Hearing is not what it used to be, and would love to be able to
enhance (boost) the treble/higher freq’s even more than what the
radio natively allows.

A “simple” Audio eq. would be great, if feasible.

BTW: Any suggestions from anyone for a really very simple audio eq., with the added requirement that it be small and not take up much screen space ?

Best regards,

that’s on the fieature request list Bob, no sweat.

Hi Roeland:

Re the latest version.:
Thought it was already, but realize I’m likely wrong.

Do you happen to know when this latest 4.1 (or is it 4.2) version
will be officially released ?


What OS are you using?

If it is windows this works great and it’s free! FxSound installs like a driver between the computer and sound card. It has worked with every sound card I have tried. including including external USB SCs. I have two USB sticks, one for my speakers and another for the headset. I can switch between sound cards and no problem with using FxSound. It gives you a full equalizer with presets as well as letting you to create and save your own presets. It also lets you boost the volume along with other other settings.

FxSound - https://www.fxsound.com

73… Ken - VE5KC

thanks for the tip. Bob definitely could use this until we have the full(er) stack of audio processing functions available.

@ve5kc – if Bob comes up with some questions, can you help him? I don’t have windows to test
for this and Elliott, Jim and Phil are rather busy :wink:

Hi Guys,

The reason I was hoping that a simple audio eq. could be added directly
into the program, is my inability so far to find an external
equal. that does not take up a “substantial” amount of room on my monitor.

I use WFView now with CSVULB, so there’s not much left.

I really need only a very basic equal. that will allow for “some” boosting
at the high end. Really don’t need one with 20 sliders, etc.
And, as noted, a very small footprint.

Thanks for the suggestions, and will certainly look at

As always, thanks for thoughts, suggestions, and comments.
Really appreciated.


It is very straight forward and their website does handle support. I don’t think any one would have problems with it.

Once you get things set the way you want it runs in the background. If you want to make further adjustments, it hides it’s self in the tray…

73… Ken - VE5KC


Thanks for the suggestions and help with this.

I tried it, but can’t seem to have it effect the audio in any way.

Then, I got to thinking:

I have my headphones plugged directly into the R8600 front audio output port on the radio.
Not the pc.

Should it still work and change the audio response ?


The answer is NO, Bob.

I should have mentioned that I am operating my radio remotely so the audio is coming from my computer. Thus in my situation, the comes from my computer so FxSound works fine for me.

73… Ken - VE5KC