WSJT and Virtual Com Port

Win10 and IC-7610

Using com0com, I have created the virtual com port pair. I’ve set one ‘end’ in wfview and use the other ‘end’ in WSJT. For some reason this will not work. This works fine in NMM, but not WSJT. It seems from the error message I get, that WSJT sees the port but can’t communicate with the transceiver, I’m not trying to use both of these apps at the same time. What have I missed?

Hi Antony

Are the radio and wfview connected via the Internet or in the local network? I cannot connect N1MM to wfwiew when the connection to the radio is via the Internet. WSJT-X works reasonably well in this configuration. When I go to my remote station and connect to the radio on the local network, I will see if the N1MM connection to wfwiev works fine.

Vy 73 Andrzej SP2FRY

It’s on the local network.