WSJT-X not changing Freq in wfview

I’m using an IC-705 radio connected to a Windows 10 PC over WiFi.
Wfview works and connctes and WSJT-X seems to work until i try to chnage the freq in WSJT-X, it does not update the Freq in Wfview.
If i change the freq in wfview it does change it inWSJT-X.
Does this functionallity work yet in Wfview?

I have wfview and WSJTX talking via rigctld which i’ve never used before so guess this may be the issue.

which version are you using? (wfview)

I am using version 1.2c

my linux version here with the 7851 and wsjtx via rigctld does work. Hmm.

maybe @phil @eliggett can x-check – need to update my windows virtual env first here.

Done a uninstall and reinstall. Seems to be working.

that is very good to hear James!