1st try to use VOX remotely failed with wfview

Maybe I should wait till I do more testing. I tried remote SSB with VOX and it would not TX at any strength VOX. Is remote Vox for SSB possible on wfview? I was using a nice Heil headset on the Tablet. I noticed that wfview status ‘MOD’ was responding to my speech.
Appreciate any feedback. Are others doing this successfully?
Thanks, Doug N8VY

Hi Doug.

This has been asked a number of times before (use the search function to see previous requests), Icom radios do not support VOX over USB or LAN connections.

73 Phil M0VSE

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Thank you. Knowing that saves me a lot of troubleshooting time. Much appreciated.
73 Doug N8VY

This gets me interested in interfacing one of my footswitches to Wfview. I’ve got an Xkeys interface dongle, “USB Switch Interface”. A few ways to do this, I’ll have to report on my success.

“Nice Heil”? Oh geez…

Definitely check out our supported controllers in the manual.

I haven't tried remote vox, sorry I can't help you