2 ICOMs at the same time

Good morning. I have the wfview connected to a 7600. When I want to connect to the 9700… I just change the ip and that is all.

The question.

Can I have both radios connected and appear in the radio list and click on one or the other to get automatically connected?


Hi Pere,

Each “instance” of wfview may connect to exactly one radio.

You can run two copies of wfview to connect to two radios. There is a trick where you use a desktop shortcut for each copy of wfview, and you specify a different settings file so that each shortcut goes to a specific radio.

What operating system are you using?

de W6EL

Good morning.

I imagined it. I didn’t do it in the case there was another possibility.

On server I use Windows 10. In remote I use Wiondows 11.

Pere, EA3AJI