2 x wfview with different radios (IC-9700 and IC-705)

I created 2 shortcuts to start the wfview 1x for the 9700 and 1x for the 705.
So far so good. The extention in my path works so far. but the problem is the settings with Lan adress and sound card is not changing it keeps the last working one . Any idea?

Ic-9700: C:\Afu\Icom\wfview\wfview.exe -c --civ0xA2h
IC-705 C:\Afu\Icom\wfview\wfview.exe -c --civ0xA4h
From my view it should save 2 config files similar like its done with JTDX or WSJT if you start it with

C:\Afu\JTDX64\158\bin\jtdx.exe --rig-name=IC-705

The the program creates a folder in Appdata/local and savers the parameters there.


73 de Stefan

Hi Stefan.

That’s because all you are doing is specifying the C-IV address of the radio (I would always recommend NOT doing this and letting wfview detect it automatically via C-IV transceive)

You should use a separate settings file for each rig like this:

wfview.exe --settings ic9700.ini
wfview.exe --settings ic705.ini

All available command line options are described in the manual Command-Line Arguments | wfview

73 Phil M0VSE

thanks Phil, thats what I was looking for :slight_smile:

73 de Stefan