4kHz difference between IC-7610 and WFView


I’ve noticed that I cannot match the tuning IC-7610 and WFView:

When I set 14.300 on the 7610, the audio SSB is good, but on the WFView it is wrong.
To get it perfectly matched I have to move WFView ~4kHz - then it is readable.

After this step, the 7610 audio becomes unreadable.

To show this issue I recorded a video film:

Perhaps there is some kind of the offset but I do know how to set it.
I appreciate any advices and comments,

Thanks for the support in advance…

73 Marek, SP6NIN

Hi Marek,

I’m not 100% sure what’s happening here. I can see that wfview and the radio show the same frequency. wfview should not have a 4 KHz offset (or any offset).

Does the video you sent have audio from the radio’s speaker or the PC’s speaker?

Can you verify that no other programs are using radio control?

Do you experience the same thing on LSB, say on 40M?


de W6EL

Hi Marek,

Like Elliott, I am struggling to see what the issue is as wfview will just be displaying whatever frequency the radio is set to and the audio of wfview is coming from the radio as well?

It is worth noting that the indicator line in the wfview waterfall/scope will be in a different position to what you see on the radio, as on the radio the default is for the line to be in the center of the passband whereas wfview it shows the actual ‘tuned’ frequency.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi E,

Yes, you are absolutely right, but please take into account, that the same frequency does not mean the same SSB audio.

When, on the 7610 SSB audio is perfect, then on the WFView the audio is distorted (shifted).
When, on the WFview audio is perfect then on the 7610 it is unreadadble.

The audio was sent from the both, I mean when I show the 7610, then the audio from the TRX is a little bit louder but in the background the audio from the PC speakers still can be heard.

And, when I move the smartfon to the monitor, then the audio from the speakers are a little bit louder, and the TRX is a little lower.

Of course I can record another video, where I switch off the opposite sound if needed.

Thank you for your comments and remarks,


Hi Phil,

I do not how to explain it:

  1. When I set the 7610 to read the SSB properly, then WFView sound is incorrect, it is unreadable.
  2. When I set the WFView to the SSB properly, then 7610 is set to the different frequency. I mean, that WFView sounds perfectly but 7610 sounds unreadable.

The difference between both is ~4kHz.

If someone is tuning my TRX I do not care, but if I test it myself then I see, that something is incompatible.

Thanks for you comments,

Perhaps the 7610 RIT is on

73 Ken GW0RHC

Hi Marek.

I am pretty sure that I have worked out what the problem is. In the Menu of your IC7610, go to “Set”/“Connectors”/“LAN AF/IF Output” and if the “Output Select” is IF, change it to AF.

The IF Output is a 12KHz baseband audio output centered at (IIRC) 6KHz so by tuning up around 4KHz, you are able to tune the signal but you really should use AF output as the audio will be MUCH better!

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Ken,

No, RIT is off.

Please read the Phil’s M0VSE explanation. After I set LAN Output to “AF” it works perfectly and the audio is very good.

Thanks for you comment,
73 Marek SP6NIN

Hi Phil,

Yes!, that’s it. I set LAN AF/IF and now it is working excelent. And, as you said, the audio is very good.

Thanks for the advices and comments,

73 Marek SP6NIN

Yes I read Phil’s explanation Marek, after I posted the RIT comment.

73 Ken GW0RHC