705 - WSJT-x No TX Audio

I’m still unable to get any audio output.
VB-Audio (free version)

I’m receiving no problem.
When I hit Tune, the 705 will key up. But I’m unable to get any power out. It will occasionally blip alc meter to max, but nothing consistent.

705 is the access point. And only thing connected is the Surface Pro tablet.
I do notice when WFView shows transmission, the packet loss is racking up. (Lower right numbers)

Is this as simple as paying for VB-Audio? Or am I missing something stupid!?
(Not being able to run FT8 has forced me to do more SSB. So there is a positive outcome lol!)

73 de KJ7JXM

Hi Robert.

When you say the packet loss is racking-up, do you mean the number to the right or left? The right hand number is total packets, the left is lost ( loss / total ).

With audio input, while I recommend the paid for version of VB-Audio as that allows you to separate TX and RX audio, I think it should work without it?

You need to ensure that the Mod source is configured as LAN within the settings page, and then on the view page, make sure the LAN slider is up as this is the TX audio level.

73 Phil M0VSE

Yes loss. Left hand number.

I’ve confirmed that Mod is set to WLAN
And regardless of the LAN slider. I still get nothing consistent.
With the slider at max, I’ll get some blips on the output.

I was going to try lowering the sample rate?

A number of people have found that the built-in wireless AP on the 705 is not very good, if you have access to a ‘real’ access point, I would recommend using that and connecting both the radio and PC to that.

In normal use, you should only see very occasional lost packets. It is possible that a large number of the TX audio packets are being lost, causing this issue,

Lowering the sample rate will reduce the level of network traffic significantly so that may help but I would definitely recommend trying to improve your wireless connection.

73 Phil

I’ll give the sample rate a shot.
I’m really working to avoid another piece of gear.

I have tried using my phone as the AP, but I’m sure that’s not much better.

Although I’m unsure how adding an extra point of transfer could help. Bandwidth is bandwidth right?

I do have an extra wireless router I could try to make mobile. (POTA is my game) so less is more.
If only the usb wasn’t so noisy I’d just use that.

Will update after testing.
And I agree, the free version “Should” work. But I also have no issue supporting the company. Provided I can get it working.


One thing I found when having the same problem was that it was not a lack of sound input for TX it was overdriving the input!

Setting my WLAN MOD LVL to 4% sorted it for me. Maybe worth a try ?


Okay. So. Dropping the bitrate down to 16k worked.
I was able to finally get a solid tunable output.

Let CQ call for a few min (only at 7w) and then checked PSKReporter. I was getting out!!!
So excited. Now to actually log a contact with this setup.

Thank you again for the great software!!

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and as a sidenote – probaby not related to this futher – these blips of audio is also shown if the rig connects to more than one AP at te same time.