7610 CW memories

Can the software access the cw memories of the radio? Any support for winkeyer? How’s everyone sending cw remotely?

No there is no access to the radios CW memories, but the recently released v1.60 provides a simple CW sender with memories.


I just installed this morning, I thought it was the latest, how can I tell what version I have?

In the about box, but I only uploaded 1.6 a few minutes ago!

Hmmmm, I downloaded 1.6 x64, but about still shows 1.5

Ok, got it now……I see the dx cluster tab as well, have to play with that a bit later….must not have sidetone enabled at the rig, can I di thst remotely thru wfview?

Fyi, program crashed when I used the UP arrow on the sidetone……and now can’t reconnect……even after rebooting laptop….heading out for a bit , no time to play now….

That’s strange, it shouldn’t do that!

The radio will usually take a few minutes to realise that the client has disappeared before it will allow a new connection.


No there is no way to hear the sidetone remotely as the rig doesn’t send it!

The rig does send it, if configured properly……ill play around with it

New version definitely flaky here….just crashed when I clicked CW……

If you are connected over USB then yes it can send it, there is a menu option in the rig to enable it. If connected to the rig over LAN, you are out of luck. Which radio are you using?

Ic7610……and yes, I was thinking of the virtual ports vua USB……cw without sidetone ? I guess you hope your macros are sending what you think….

Yes I assume that Icom couldn’t get low enough latency on LAN connections to make CW sidetone usable? We have an idea to ‘simulate’ sidetone, but it is quite difficult to ensure that the speed exactly matches the rig.

I use a very similar setup and have never had any of these crashes. Would you be able to post a log? Log button, “send to termbin”, then post the URL you receive.

Thank you for the new version 1.60 of Wfview with cw implemented. My IC9700 controls via internet. I tried to work cw. It works, I watch the waterfall through the camera. but I can’t hear the sidetone. I thought Wfview generates it locally and I can’t hear it because I have something set wrong. Please do a local saidtone with the speed set in Wfview, we’ll feel better thinking that the cw from the radio comes out correctly.

Hi Andrezj,

wfview does not generate the sidetone, and unfortunately, the radio does not stream the sidetone audio to us either.

We’ll look at methods to do it for future versions.

de W6EL