A message for Linux Users


If you are building from source on Linux, including with the Raspberry Pi, then please read carefully.

We have migrated from using a custom install script (install.sh) to using a more standard approach which integrates into the Makefile. This approach means that, instead of using the install script, one can simply run make install from the build directory. We feel that this is a much better approach, as it paves the way towards more standard build processes such as is used with OBS, dpkg installers, PPA Repositories, and the many “flat pack” all-in-one application installers.

As a result of this change, you should upgrade to the latest build script, available in its usual location here. I’ve only changed one line in the script, so the overall process is the same.

There’s one other thing to be aware of. We’re using a “prefix” now so that one can install the program into custom locations, such as /opt or perhaps even ~/bin. The prefix defaults to “/usr/local” right now, which is in line with how Debian and Debian-derivatives expect third-party programs to be installed. As a result though, some of you will have “extra” copies of the stylesheet, application launcher, and application icon, in their old locations. I strongly recommend removing those extra files, because if we upgrade them (or you wish to change them on your own), it will create a confusing situation when you have two application launchers, for example.

Here are the old files that should be removed:
Desktop Launcher: /usr/share/applications/wfview.desktop
Desktop Icon: /usr/share/pixmaps/wfview.png
Stylesheet: /usr/share/wfview/stylesheets

And here are the new locations for all the files wfview installs:

Application (unchanged): /usr/local/bin/wfview
Desktop Launcher: /usr/local/share/applications/wfview.desktop
Desktop Icon: /usr/local/share/pixmaps/wfview.png
Stylesheet: /usr/local/share/wfview/

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or suggestions. And also thanks to derSuessmann for the push to get this going. He submitted a merge request from his personal fork of wfview, highlighting for us one of the many important aspects of open source software, which is that we can benefit together from the ideas and efforts of one (or many).

Take care,

de W6EL


Sounds like it might be easier to uninstall current and then reinstall the new?

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Hi Michael,

That’s the idea. Just has to be done manually for now.

de W6EL