Additional Problem

This N1MM message pops up every minute or so. Nothing has changed in the setup. Ports and the thing are the same.

Radio # 1, IC-7300 on COM 1001 is not responding.

Restore the radio interface polling connection and click Retry below, or right-click on the Bandmap for this radio and choose ‘Reset Radios’ to restart the connection.


Does wfview keep working just fine when this happens?

Did the wfview log show anything?

How do you get past the error?

de W6EL

I think so. The waterfall was still active and I was hearing audio. I had a LOT of ‘loss of control’ messages yesterday from N1MM.

I was browsing through the N1MM manual last night and found another place where I have to enter That may be the problem, but it doesn’t explain why things worked OK for a while. One of the N1MM coders got back to me last night and I have a handful of things to check this morning.