After config of wfview , wsjtx doesnt work anymore - hamlib error

Hi all,
After being very pleased with my IC9700 for the last years I bought
a 7300 to also have a waterfall on the higher bands 10m 6m and 4m.
Beeing very happy with wfview and my 9700 I also wanted the 7300 to be
remotely operational in case of need.
So after a few days of playing ft8 with wsjtx I configured everything so the 7300 works with wfview what it does now. Took me some time to get the waterfall shown.
But now I have the problem that I cannot get WSJTX working again.
I don t want to run both at same time! But wfview or WSJTX each one alone - one OR the other.

So now when I configure wsjtx I get a Rigcontrol / hamlib error:
Sometimes it starts showing freq or directly OOB .
Then comes rigcontrol error…
it says after the rig control error:
Hamlib error : command rejected by rig
Rig get freq (2274) , freq mainB =7015400
/and some more lines/
Rig.c (2277) :rig_get_freq return (-9) while getting vfo frequency

Someone an idea how i can set the trx to work both with wfview and wsjtx? ( not both same time but one or the other)

What worked flawless on my 9700 seems very unstable and problematic on the 7300 …
I m a bit lost with all those CI-V options .Last Icom before the 9700 was a 706 :wink: where CIV was super simple :slight_smile:

Many thanks!


Felix, DF3FX

Hello Felix,

I had same Problems with my IC-7300 when using with Raspi, therefor I used rigctld.

in wfview I set:
Connect over USB: Auto
Baud: 115200
Enable Rigctld: 4533

73, Michael

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Hello Felix,
as far as I remeber the problem was basically that wsjt-x at 115000 isnot working correct. At lower speed it was ok, but than no waterfall possible.
73, Michael

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for all the info.
Thats also the impression I have ( that wsjtx cannot handle the high baud rate properly)

Will have a look at your solution

Mny tnx


Hello, I use WFview as a frontend for my IC7300. Then active RigCtld into settings and connect the rest of software to Rigctl via hamlib.
Run fine for CQRLOG, FLdigi and Wsjtx.

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Hi Jordi,

You mention that you have CQRLog working with wfview’s rigctld. Can you share your CQRLog setup? I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 and wfview 1.4. I have wsjtx and fldigi running with wfview’s rigctld, but not CQRLog. Prior to wfview, I had CQRLog, wsjtx, and fldigi working with Hamlib’s rigctld. I’m curious if CQRLog uses a piece of rigctl that is not implemented in wfview’s rigctld as yet. Thanks.

Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 13-07-06 aaa-Casa - casa
Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 13-06-34 aaa-Casa - casa

Very simple config.

Happy new year.


That did the trick, but I’m not sure why. Clearly I need to read more about rigctld and port assignments.

Thanks, and Happy New Year! …DonA

Make sure you don’t have any firewall rules that limit you. Turn it off for a moment and try it

Hi Jordi.

I now have wfview, fldigi, wsjtx, and cqrlog working together using your config setup.

One other question: Can you get cqrlog to send cw using the hamlib interface? This was working for me before wfview. (Not a big deal, but it’s handy for contesting.)

Thanks again: …DonA