All things (or at least some things) IC-7100

Today I fished my IC7100 out of the car and hooked it up to my PC.
I tried to systematically go through each control on the software to see if it worked.
Generally, every thing worked except:

  • The com port needed to be manually defined.
  • Highest speed in the radio is 19,200
  • Recognition of the radio is as on the 7300, either Transceive on or manual CI-V address.
  • Spectrum displays two scales but remains blank.
  • None of the spectrum controls do anything
  • CORRECTION RIT works correctly, Imisread the screen. : [RIT does nothing (This radio seems to have two options for transmitting on a different receive frequency, so maybe it has no direct RIT function. )]
  • Band filters switch but setup doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for checking this out!

I am surprised that wfview recognizes the radio as an IC-7300. Are you sure that is what you see in the lower-right corner of wfview? It should say “IC-7100” (it has in our limited testing here).

The spectrum comes from the radio with the SDR-style radios, and unfortunately the 7100 does not provide a spectrum. However, doing an audio spectrum for rigs without spectrum is something we are thinking about.

RIT, surprised that doesn’t work. Hmm. Can you send your log file to us?

Filter “Setup” is something I meant to disable on R1, I forgot to, so it’s there but does nothing on all rigs.

If you can run wfview with debug mode, and then send us the log file, that would be very helpful.

To start in debug mode, you’ll need to pass the --debug flag to wfview. I don’t remember what OS you’re running, but let me know if you need guidance on how to pass an argument. (For windows, make a shortcut and define an argument within the shortcut properties.)

Here is a guide on where to find the logfile. The log will tell me what the rig said it’s ID was, how wfview processed that ID, and also what command was sent and what result occurred with the RIT. The --debug flag causes wfview to capture every packet to and from the rig, which helps.

Thank you very much,

de W6EL

Glad to help!

Radio was recognized correctly as a 7100, I just meant that it worked like the 7300 with regard to setting either transceive on or manually specifying the CI-V address.

Using Win10 I ran the debug mode, twisted the RIT a couple of times, then closed it.
I pasted the data here then realizing the radio was set to 24 MHz so I went back and tested it again on 14MHz to be certain and then I noticed it was actually working.
I was confused by the wfview display and the main display in the radio not changing. On the 7300 the RIT is pretty obvious but the 7100 kind of tucks it into an otherwise already crowded part of the screen so I missed it.
Will edit the initial post on that too.

The spectrum would be an interesting challenge.
I’ve seen various hardware modifications that can be made to this radio to pipe the spectrum out of the radio and into the PC so maybe one of those would be appropriate.
I also know that the USB audio out can be set to either “AF” or “IF” but the IF setting I think only sends a bit wider bandwidth to the PC, not a full 500KHz or something like that. (That would have been too easy.)

So basically, the radio is doing everything you expect and nothing you don’t?
Do you still need the debug log?

I don’t think the 7100 outputs spectrum data for a waterfall or spectrum display. I am curious as to whether you were able to receive or transmit audio remotely for the 7100?
73 de Arnie W8DU

I am curious as to whether you were able to receive or transmit audio remotely for the 7100?

I’ve not tried - just realized I never even contemplated it yet.
I have been doing FT8 using a Remote Desktop system (Splashtop) and that works fine.
Splashtop does pass audio back and forth so I assume it would work but the internet connection would need to be fast and low latency for that to be reliable.

But the 7100 feeds the audio into the PC the same way as the 7300, they seem to both have the same back panel connections and Remoterig supports it so I can’t see why it should be a problem.

You can remote the 7100 for commands and audio using wfview, however, we did see some minor issues with the audio in our testing.

If you want to try it, here is the how-to:

Remember, you’re in beta-territory with this one :slight_smile: But it is the sort of thing that we do want to get working smoothly soon.

Take care,

de W6EL