Android Client tablet phone use?

Is there an android client for use with an android tablet or smart phone?

No there isn’t, we may develop one at some point.

Okay thank you. An Android client would significant value to the app


I would also love this however…

I am an Android guy, but the tablet market is ruled by Apple. The only significant android tablet manufacturer is Samsung. And the number of tablets that Samsung sells is minuscule compared to Apple.

I have a couple Samsung tablets including a TAB A and an S6 Lite. The problem is that the larger tablet form factor is not well supported by popular Android apps simply because android tablets are so overshadowed by Apple IPAD’s. When I turn my tablet to landscape mode, most of my apps (facebook included) do not resize well. For this reason, I hardly ever use my android tablets. (one exception is that I use one as a VNC client to work FT8 while watching TV…)

And while It would be awesome if Phil would develop an android app I fear there is not enough of a market to justify the effort. My suggestion is that if you want a “tablet like” experience, buy a used Microsoft Surface for about the same price as a Samsung S6 tablet…


It’s not just tablets. Their are a whole lot of us using Android cellphones.

I understand that there is an apple app that works with a few Icom radios. It looks to work great . Not with the IC-7300, the author only supports a very limited number of radios. Anyway, I’ve tried but I’m just not an apple guy…

It is possible to operate from a cellphones. I’ve operated a Flex radio from an iPhone and it worked very well. Yes the screen is small and it my not be you favorite way to operate but it offers a whole new level of operating your radio portable!

73 . . Ken - VE5KC

I do run wfview over nx nomachine on my tablet. That one kind of works, because the screen estate is large enough for the current UI.

On the phone it’s a gimmick. You’d better use rcforb