Assign different button to TX/RX PTT or one button for both


os : Windows 10
wfview version : 1.62

i bought myself a cheap “volume” usb controller with buttons.

with a small program i can assign keyboard keys or actions to the buttons and dail.

i saw in the shortcut keyboard list there is a key for TX and a separate key to go back to RX.

can this be a single button like the spacebar ???
so that i cab assign it to a single button.
now i haven got a TX button and a RX button.
this is a bit uncommon. i like it to be be a PTT like function.

the button is unsupported by default
and as mentioned i use a external program to “program” the device.

73, Joost PA5ZL

not completely what you want, but if your mouse focus is on the tx/rx button on screen, space will toggle between tx and rx Joost.

Ctrl T
Ctrl R
I use the same

Jiri ok2it