Audio Bandwidth And Sample Rate


Thanks for previous help.
Using with an Icom R8600, via “Network”.

Might someone please describe how I select a Bandwidth, and where,
for Audio optimization ?

Is the only adjustment via Sample Rate ?

    48K, the apparent default: when should it be changes ?  To what ?

Or, should it be set in the radio ?

Really confused over this (Bandwidth and Sample Rate).


Hi Bob.

The default sample rate and sample type should be fine for “normal” use across an ethernet network, if you wish to access your radio remotely (over the Internet) then you may want to alter these settings if the Internet connection isn’t great.

Reducing the sample rate (default 48 KHz) can be a simple way to reduce the network bandwidth requirement. Changing this to 24 Khz will result in a barely audible change but will ½ the required network bandwidth. Also using 8bit audio rather than 16 bit, can ½ bandwidth requirements again. It is worth noting that 8bit PCM will result in a significant drop in audio quality. 8bit uLaw can be a good choice though as the audio quality shouldn’t be reduced that much.

This is all done at the client (wfview) end and it requests these settings when it first connects to the server (your radio).

If it is working for you then there is no real reason to change anything!

73 Phil M0VSE



Good explanation.