Audio distribution from wfview to digital mode programs

I misspoke earlier when I said I had WSJT-X running with wfview. The rig control works, but the only reason I was copying stations was that the audio input was set to the default audio and the mic on the laptop was picking up the received audio. So my question is: those who are successfully using sound card software for digital modes, how are you configuring the audio input and output on those programs? I’m using a 7610, so everything is via the network. The network audio latency is quite impressive, by the way - listening to the audio from wfview while sitting beside the rig shows just how low the latency is.

I read the audio streaming section in the wiki, but it seems a bit outdated given that streaming to wfview is working with network-connected radios. I just don’t know how to feed the audio to/from sound card programs. I’m on Linux, btw. Any hints appreciated.
Doug K4DSP

Hi Doug,

Yes, the wiki on audio stuff is outdated (it was written before Phil wrote his wonderful audio and network code).

I think what you’re looking for is called a “software loopback” in linux’s pulse audio subsystem. I’ll be honest though, I don’t know how to do it, and if you figure it out, I’d like to see how you do it. Actually, I think Roeland (PA3MET) may have figured it out, as I think he did share that he used WSJT-X with linux recently (our friends on the other side of the pond rise in about 6 hours).

Let’s see if he knows. Otherwise we’ll start googling how to make that loopback device.

de W6EL

Hi Doug,

Maybe try this:

de W6EL


I had it working where the wfview slider iirc, was the control to feed wsjtx. The speaker slider itself on the laptop was set to zero.
Now the bad part is that I didn’t document it and audio is one of the places where you can loose the picture easily.

It can be done. Just need to replicate it again here. After work and all.

Hi Doug.

I don’t have specific information for Linux but the way I have achieved this in Windows is with software called ‘Virtual Audio Cable’ I created two of these as you need one for RX and one for TX audio. I will have a look for options in Linux.

73 Phil

You may find this link helpful for ideas dealing with Pulse audio.

GitHub - nonoo/kappanhang: Remotely open audio channels and a serial port to an Icom RS-BA1 server (for ex. Icom IC-705 transceiver).

Hi All,

I’ll add one more that I found on Kevin Loughin’s youtube channel:

de W6EL