Audio for wsjtx

Phil wrote the following:

this enables you easy to use wfview and wsjtx together, piping sound into wsjtx and for tx, into wfview.

Since MacOS is missing in the above description:
Soundflower is the tool on Mac to connect audio just like VAC on Windows.

BTW: A free alternative to VAC is VB-Cable:

73 Frank

That helps, and I’m 50% of the way there now. I can get RX audio from the 7610 to WSJT-X, but still have not managed to get TX audio to the radio. I can use either of the two virtual audio cable pairs for RX, so I think the loopback stuff is working OK. There’s something keeping the WSJT-X TX audio from getting to the rig. That’s a problem for tomorrow.
Doug K4DSP

Hi Doug.

On the 7610, there are 3 DATA ‘MOD Input’ settings, wfview currently only knows about 1 of them! I think that by default, WSJT-X uses “DATA2 MOD” which is quite likely set to something other than ‘LAN’. For now this will need to be changed directly within the rig menu but there will eventually be a way to change it within wfview.

Menu, Set, Connectors, MOD Input. Change DATA2 MOD to LAN. If this doesn’t work, try DATA3 MOD!

73 Phil M0VSE

Roeland and all:

After reviewing the document written by Phil, I embarked in testing it myself using my remote laptop. On my radio shack, I am currently using the mentioned software; VAC, VSPE, WSJT-X, and in addition, DXLab suite of apps along with the IC7610. One nice feature about the DXLab is an app for SpotCollector (SP). Properly configured, it will allow one to automatically log QSOs from WSJT-X. The 2nd one that I love to have in view is Commander which alllows me to view the ALC so as not to overdrive the radio and cause splatter on WSJT-X. I make sure that ALC is a Zero ground level and proper watts are coming out clean by manipulating the sliders on wfview.

As mentioned above, I have now installed all of the above software on my Windows 10 laptop. I am now able to run WSJT-X remotely and log my Qs and be able to check ALC.

Until the time that wfview can allow us to view SWR, ALC, and who knows logger?, etc., DXLab is here (and free).

If anyone is interested, I can share a document that I created.

Rafael / NN3RP

Definitely interested, Rafael.
Doug K4DSP

I would like to see that as well


Here is a OneDrive link:

wfview and wsjtx remote configuration

Rafael NN3RP

I also am very interested.

73’s de PA0GSM

Hi Rafael,

This is great, thank you very much for sharing.

We have all the code for the various metering functions in place, except for the actual meter artwork code, which would draw the levels out on a reasonable scale. Otherwise, it’s in there. So you can expect this feature shortly after our R1 date. I’m hoping to draw a nice “multimeter” display with several bars shown at once (user selectable of course).


de W6EL

You guys are doing a great job. We certainly appreciate the time, hard work you guys do for the Icom ham radio community.

I will keep on using the sw remote or not…

Today, I played with N1MM+ voicing out *.wav files…works as a charm.

73s fer now

Rafael / NN3RP