Audio from WFVIEW

I have a raspberry pi connect to my ic-7300 with is managed and used from the wfview on my windows machine.
Is there any way of listening to the audio stream of wfview via my android smartphone whilst wandering around the house.

Peter VK4PI

currently not Peter.

Maybe some apk and software is there out in the world. but from wvfiew, this functionality has not been built. Some day … maybe some dat wfview is native on android and iOS.

I can send a how-to for doing this with wfview closed. You can basically use ffmpeg and icecast to run a streaming audio server. From there you can tune in anywhere in your house. Even VLC running on your “smart” TV.

de W6EL

would be nice…
de oe9dgv

From our old wiki, which should not be used since it is completely outdated:

I had done this before we had streaming audio built-in to wfview (thank you, Phil!).

de W6EL

Thanks Elliot,
I look forward to trying your solution.

Peter VK4PI