Audio issue

I followed the instruction manual for setting up a remote laptop for wfview but got audio buffering and wildly varying Rx Audio latency on the LAN connection to my IC-7300 via an Intel Celeron NUC. I noticed a suggestion, from Elliot on another audio issue, to try changing from the recommended Qt Audio system to either RT Audio or PortAudio. I found that I got no buffering and 0-1mS latency using RT Audio compared with 50-500mS latency with Qt Audio.

Awesome. That’s why we have kept and maintained all three audio subsystems. Glad it’s working out.

Are you using the Opus codec? This is also an excellent addition to lower your required audio network performance.

de W6EL

Hi Elliot,
Yes, I was running Opus from the start as per the video. Curiously Qt Audio has a constant latency of 135 - 140mS on my LAN connected IC-9700. However it drops to 1-2mS using RT Audio

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