Audio latency drift and splatter with Mac/wfview and JTDX/WSJT-X

Hi all,
I’ve noticed strange behaviour with my MacBook Air M1 whilst using wfview and JTDX via network using both an IC-705 and IC-7610 and I’ve never been able to resolve it.

Over time the receive audio latency will drift from around 300-400ms to 1000ms without any explanation and this causes big problems with drift time increasing when decoding FT8.

It never recovers and the only solution is to close and reopen wfview every so often and the latency lowers back down to around 400ms again.

Within wfview, I’ve tried both PortAudio and RT Audio, the latter being much worse for this problem. PortAudio, like mentioned before, will work and then drift in this fashion. Qt audio does not work at all, I get receive audio but no TX audio at all.

I’ve also noticed when in TX, regardless of Audio system or virtual audio cable, the initial part of the transmission causes splatter across the bandpass then quickly clears and then looks clean for the remainder of the transmission.

I’ve tested VB-cable, Loopback and Blackhole but they do not seem to have any affect on latency whatsoever, not does it stop the spatter being produced when in TX, so not sure if this is a weakness in the Mac audio implementation or if it’s some quirk with wfview?

All of this makes using network transmission and a Mac a rather poor choice.

I’ve never been able to reproduce any of these issues when using wfview in Windows using VAC or VB-cable.

Anybody else have these issues with Mac?

FYI I’m running Mac OS 13.4.1

Thanks 73 de Mark 2W0XGN

I first would look into the tx audio level.