Audio recording on IC-7300

Just wondering if there is any consideration to start and stop recording to the (optional) SD card on the IC-7300? It’s a nice feature when you are at the radio and it would be nice to turn it on and off remotely?

Great software BTW!

Hi Aaron,

If there is a CI-V command for such a thing, I would consider it. It is nice to make recordings.

Otherwise, you may be able to record the audio from your PC, there are some good apps out there which can do so.

de W6EL

Hi Aaron.

Yes this is certainly something we can look at, we will add it as a request to our internal issues list.

I have checked and there are various CI-V commands available for controlling the QSO recorder so it should certainly be possible.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Elliott,

I’m not sure what CI-V commands exist or if there is one that does this.

I was just thinking that recording to the SD card would be nice. I agree there are lots of PC recording apps that could be used while remote. So it is certainly a “nice-to-have” feature as opposed to something necessary.

As you said, if the CI-V command is there it is probably worthwhile at some point but not critical otherwise.

Thanks and best regards,
Aaron NE1AB