Audio Transmit on IC-705

I think I have this all setup right, I can hear the local repeater and I can PTT the repeater and it kerchunks, but my audio from both OS X and PC Windows does not seem to be getting out.

Any settings I should be looking at?

I have the thing setup over the LAN, the IC-705 is connected to house wifi as are my laptops and I am connecting to the radio via it’s IP address, UN/PW scheme.


Hi Brian.

Make sure that in the settings tab, Modulation Input is set to LAN (and Data Mod Input if using datamodes) This will change the “Mic” slider to LAN and allow you to change the audio input level.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks much, that was the ticket, I have now held QSO on both Mac and Windows since your fix?


Is there a web site that shows the ICOM 705 settings for Internet Remote access? I’ve been using RemoteTX for ICOM7300 but have heard wfview is also good.


Hi Dave, You can look at the manual here Getting Started | wfview

Also Werner, DC4KU has written a good report on setting-up the IC-705 for CQ-DL magazine

73 Phil M0VSE

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I’ve got the radio connected to the PC. Display is great and buttons work. But no audio on RX and low on XMIT. I will check out DC4KU report for settings.


Phil. I Have been using your software for 3 mo. on my PC. What are the chances for a Android version?

Hi James.

Android (and iPhone/iPad) are all supported by the Qt toolkit that wfview uses, so we do plan to support them at some point. There is no timeframe for this support yet though.

73 Phil M0VSE