Audio via RDP

Hi everyone!

I’m new to wfview and would like to use it on a computer which runs Windows 10 Pro, connected to it via RDP.

When setting the RDP connection to use the clients (my computer I use to connect to the remote one) audio devices, I can’t hear anything and it only provides the input and output “Remote Audio”.

Did anyone manage to get this to run?
If that’s not working, I’ll switch over to the server connection, but I’d also like to usw wsjt-x and so on via RDP.


Why not just run wfview’s built in server, which handles audio and control to a remote instance of wfview? Or connect direct to your radio if it has built in networking already. The experience will be vastly superior to a Remote Desktop session.

As to your initial question, I actually don’t know as I haven’t used RDP in a long time.

de W6EL

Thanks for your feedback.

I thought it might be easier to have all the radio programs on the remote computer and then just connect to it.
Especially wsjtx is giving me headache even though I created virtual COM ports, installed VB cable and so on (it can’t connect to the radio when using wfview).

But I’ll try to solve that.

The easiest way is to use nomachine nx then, if you want to go the easy path. However, we do not support rdp, vnc, whatever. (as in: nice if it works but…)