Auto start Wfview on reboot

I have Wfview installed on the Inovato Quadra as a server. I have it configured to login automatically at power up. I would like it to auto start Wfview on power up. I tried to use cron @reboot to do this but being unfamiliar with Linux file system and syntax I could not format the path statement to get it to work.

Are you trying to use the wfview GUI application or the wfserver version?

If you’re trying to start the GUI version then you’ll probably need to use a .desktop file in your autostart directory.
For me here on Ubuntu, I have a directory at ~/.config/autostart that has a few .desktop files that run whenever the login completes.

I don’t think you are able to autostart GUI applications from a cron job.

I am using the GUI I am not aware of an autostart directory.

Yeah, for the GUI version give the autostart method a try.

This may vary from on Linux OS to another, but it seems to work for me here on Ubuntu.
In your user’s home directory there should be a hidden folder “.config”
See if you have another folder underneath called “autostart”. Try making it if it is not there.

You’ll need to make a .desktop file. I threw one together really quick to test.
I put the file at ~/.config/autostart/wfview.desktop with this for the contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=WFView autostart
Comment=Automatically start the WFView GUI client

After logging out and back in the WFView GUI automatically fires up.
Give that a go and see if it works for you as well.

I do not have a .config or autostart folder as far as i can tell. This Armbian system is Debian based and does not even seem to have a search function nor a way to make folder from the GUI. I did make an desktop icon Wfview.desktop by dragging it from the app menu but I now I’m stumped.

It’s all in the documentation. Very easy to automatically start.

Scroll down to “ Additional System Configuration”

This is exactly how I set up mine, and it has been working rock solid for my dad with his 7300. Totally unattended.

de W6EL

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Thanks Elliot that did it I missed that menu item some how. And thanks Chris for the attempt!


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