Band Edges changing (Weekly or Nightly Builds)

I’m having a strange issue with these builds (yes I know they aren’t stable, but I’m using them and trying to provide some feedback)

I can go to my radio (IC-7610 running current firmware) and set all the band edges to what I want, but WFVIEW seems to be making changes to them.
I have my Spectrum Mode set to Fixed, Span +/-250k, Edge 1
This happens usually when I change to another band them come back, and voila, the edges aren’t what I had them set to. I have tried to replicate this with some consistency, but cannot, however in my testing I came across another issue with the edges; On 40m when I change frequency by ‘mouse clicking’ in the spectrum very close to the upper edge, it changed my edges (both ends). After that happens if I change to something very close to the bottom, it changes the edges back. Thought I messed up and took the wrongs medication this morning, so took a video of it. The file is large, so I won’t post it here, but will find another way.
I can verify that indeed the edges have changed on the radio.
I have since restarted WFVIEW, and cannot make it happen again, althought I’m positive it will at the most inopportune time;-)

Anyone shed any light on this?

Gordon - VE7BNR

Hi Gordon,

First just a few things to be aware of with wfview and the spectrum controls:

The “Span” control only affects the “Center” spectrum mode. When in center mode, the rig just goes +/- however many KHz is specified. You’ll also notice that as you tune the radio, the spectrum stays centered around your tuned frequency. You probably knew all that already, but just making sure it’s clear.

Under “Fixed” spectrum mode, you can tune around the displayed spectrum. The spectrum stays stationary as you tune, and you have probably noticed you can even tune outside the fixed displayed spectrum. In Fixed mode, the span control doesn’t do anything. The Edge control lets you pick one of four stored spectrum edges. Keep in mind, the Icom radios define four spectrum edges per band, and what Icom calls a band might be different than what you and I consider one. If you tune to 6.999 MHz, you’re now in what is called the “GEN” band (general coverage), and the band edges are now a different set of four compared to if you tune to 7.000 MHz and are in the 40 meter band. Even 60 meters doesn’t have a dedicated spectrum edge set, which is a shame since it would be awfully convenient to have one for this small band!

wfview doesn’t yet have the ability to program in a custom edge. It is something we have thought about though, and I think it would be a good feature to have since I find the radio’s interface for doing this quite cumbersome. The one exception to this, is if you are in the “Center” mode and then you press the “ToFixed” button. This button will override your current selected Edge with whatever is shown on the scope right now, and drop you into Fixed mode. It is a simple way to define a Fixed edge from the Center scope mode. I added this feature because I felt Icom should have it on their rigs, and wouldn’t you know it, we now have “scroll” mode which is sort of similar.

Anyway, if, after reading this, you are still seeing unexpected behavior: Make sure you’re not pressing the “ToFixed” button, and then send us a debug log. This is a special log file you can generate which will contain every little piece of data sent to the radio. When you do this, you’ll want to open wfview, click some buttons as you usually would, experience the bug, and then close wfview. Otherwise the log file will get enormous.

To start wfview with the debug flag, you need to add --debug to the command-line arguments of wfview. I believe you can do this either via the cmd “dos” prompt, or by making a shortcut to wfview and then editing the properties of the shortcut to specify the command-line arguments. Perhaps a windows user can chime in here if I’ve got it wrong.

After running wfview this way, and experiencing the bug, close wfview, and then issue this command to view the log file (and from there, you can copy-paste to an email). This command is run from a cmd prompt:
notepad %TEMP%\wfview.log

You can read more about the log file and what to expect here:

Let me know if this helps. I know this issue must be frustrating.

de W6EL

Here is a video of this on the 20m band

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Thanks for the explanations Elliott. I knew most of the information but was good to get it verified

Turns out to be an ‘ID 10 T’ error. :crazy_face:

With your statement that WFView does not save band edge info, I moved my focus to N1MM+ which I run off of a virtual port of WFView.

Alas there was a setting there that changed the fixed edges inside their spectrum scope, called “Allow Setting Fixed Edges (Icom only)” . I don’t recall ever seeing that option but it was I selected. Unselecting it has solved my problem.

Thanks for all the hard work by all.

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