Band stacking or a least go back to frequency

When I change bands the frequency seems to be set to the same on every band. e.g., Select 20 meters and you’re on 14.100, or 12 - 24.950. Is there a way to have the VFO set to the last frequency used?

And… When storing frequencies - is it possible to have the stored frequency displayed in the block? That would make this a lot more useful.

Tnx - Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug,

wfview follows the radio’s band stacking register. Whatever the last used frequency was on that band, as determined by usage at the radio, that will be the frequency used when you press the band button.

For whatever reason, the radio does not update the BSR when one changes frequencies from software — only when the change happens at the radio.

We will eventually get to working around this.

Memory is also something that will get some attention eventually.


de W6EL

there is an issue in the tracker that fixes BSR, Doug.

That doesn’t appear to be the case in version 1.60. When I select 20, the frequency is always 14.100. 15 is always 21.200, etc.
Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug,

Change frequencies a few times at the rig and see what you think.

Read my post carefully. We’ve known of this bug for a while.

de W6EL

The issue is more than 6 months old, as in, when we started tracking. It has been in since bsr was introduced.

(first half year of 2021)