Band Tab

Apologies if this has been addressed previously, but I have just taken an interest in using the buttons on the Band tab. Running an IC-R8600 here and the latest nightly build (12-3). The only band buttons that appear to work are the ones without band stacking registers (4M, 60M, 630M, and 2200M) the others do not change the radio band at all. Everything else in the program works as it should.

I’m connected via LAN if that matters.

Thanks for any suggestion.

WA9BD - Brad

Hi Brad.

That’s because the band buttons ONLY use the band stacking registers, so they will not work very well with radios without BSR or with limited support like the ICR-8600. We plan to implement a method of BSR emulation for rigs that don’t support it directly, but this will be somewhere down the line.

73 Phil M0VSE

OK, thanks Phil. Really enjoy using the program. Beats the small WF on the 8600.