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So yesterday everything worked great. I have a Pi4 hooked up to the 7300 running as a server. My desktop is Windows 11. Something snapped this morning and I can hear but not transmit. The radio works fine. I see the note to install the libqt5 file, is that the problem? That would be on the Pi4 side if it is.

Hi Scott,

That message is only really relevant for Linux users. The most common cause is that the audio device no longer exists. You could try using one of the other audio handlers (RTAudio or PortAudio).

73 Phil M0VSE

The Pi4 is Linux, as a server connected to the 7300, and the Windows 11 computer is the client. It worked fine for about a week. I am thinking about dual booting my desktop to run Linux. Tired of windows but I have work stuff I need on it. The rx latency is also stuck, assuming the same issue.


if you unplug the windows USB mic and reconnect to a different port on the laptop/hub
you can “loose” the device as it may be enumerated differently.

I would suggest to see if the device is still correct in the client config, for a start.

Client log does show issues with the mic, so I am assuming all this is on the client side. Changing USB for the mic, which was switched due to the bootable usb for linux, my computer is a gigbayte motherboard with specific usb ports for the bios to recognize and I had my mic usb plugged into it for some reason. I also have dual boot now on my desktop, so maybe the linux Pi4 server at the radio will cooperate better with the Linux desktop.
wfview.log (28.8 KB)

RTaudio is generating an exception when it tries to open the audio device. You could try QT or PortAudio instead as there is definitely something that RT doesn’t like about that device!

73 Phil M0VSE

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Ok so I think it’s the client side on the server setup no matter what I do to save the server output/input settings it still reverts back and I am wondering if it is actually changing them. I also noticed that if you delete the wfview program and search for wfview to try and delete any leftover settings it still keeps them once you download the program again. If I could start completely fresh with zero settings saved I think this would work again. Something is stuck somewhere.
Also, one user works on the server settings and now another does not.

Hi Scott.

There is an issue with 1.2e release where it can mix up the server audio devices, this should be fixed in the current master so if you visit Download | wfview and scroll down to “Weekly Automated Builds” you can download this.

Find the newest .exe file and then replace the wfview.exe with this file (in C:\Program Files\wfview" The version should then show as 1.43

73 Phil M0VSE

Thank you! I will do that tomorrow. I gave up for a minute. The same issue replicated itself on three different client/server combinations. Then I got a Yaesu FTM- 300DR and I have been preoccupied with programming that up. Hopefully that new version of Wfview will get me back on the remote air. I really liked it while it worked. I will post the results tomorrow.

73 Scott KY4AW

It works! Thank you! Both the server and client upgraded to 1.43 and used port audio. Actually, it seems to work better than ever. The scope is much smoother and the audio seems better. Doing some POTA right now.

73 Scott KY4AW

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