Build fail RPI4b/1G Debian

Seems strange - never had a fail in build of wvfiew… wfserver sometimes does, but this is new to me.


I am testing without the build script, so manually make instead of make -j

Lets see.

The large number of warnings seem to be due to a subtle ABI change between GCC 6.2 and 7.1, the actual failure is more likely due to resource exhaustion. What make command did you use? make -j will try to create as many threads as you have CPU cores, the Pi4B is quad core, so the 1GB version will likely struggle. Make -j works fine on my 8GB Pi4.

Try make -j2 (or even make -j1) it will be slower, but should complete.


Hi there

I managed to build from all sources and funny enough - I had to go for just

Whenever more threads were running, it would hang… and the CPU Load was such that when VNCed into the RPI4b doing the build…it would drop as TCP/IP stack couldnt even reply to ICMP Ping. Interesting,

Now I guess I have to make new thread for WFSERVER, as I am only able to use defaut credentials:
user / password… whenever I use the ones made by wfview / wfview.conf it wouldnt work.

73 Jiri

PS - Last question. Is there a way, wfserver / wfview could reply to whatever client, and pretend to be original icom’s LAN Interface?? So WFSERVER could be used to server every ICOM Network based app?

The Pi has very limited resources. This is one reason many people cross-compile from a more powerful computer. But it’s too complicated for me to bother, personally!

As for your last question, it generally does work. But you may find exceptions.