Build updates

Debian removed qt5-default from Bullseye so that prerequisite is not able to be installed. I tried qt5-assistant and libqt5core5a as a replacement which both install on a Rockchip 64 board running Armbian 23 Bullseye and an Intel Debian 12 system. (My guess is that libqt5core5a is the best replacement, but some insist on qt5-assistant.)

I was unable to build wfserver from the creator-widgets branch due to errors, but wfserver does build from the master branch.


Sorry about the qt5-default install dependency. We’ll work on that. I’m sure there are some optimizations we can make with regards to various supported operating systems and this script.

Within creator-widgets, I do not think we have updated the stand-alone server wfserver code. The GUI server should be alright, although it could use more testing of course.

For now, I think you will be fine to use the wfserver from the master branch. Or use the GUI version (either) with the server checkbox checked.

Thank you very much for trying creator-widgets, please let us know if you do any more testing with it, especially the GUI build.

de W6EL