Can anyone hjelp me integrering Streamdeck?

Hello all,
I understand that Wfview supports Streamdeck, but I have never configured this.
Can anyone guide me through this process?
Im using iMac 27 to ccontrol my IC 7610.
Thanks in advance LA2PIA Petter

Have you tried at least the steps in the manual? Did you get stuck somewhere in the process?

I don’t have a streamdeck personally but if you can tell us where you’re hung up then we can help.

de W6EL

My text is upside down on the buttons.

This is a known issue with original Streamdeck and XL models. This has been fixed in the source code, but a new release is unlikely for a while as we are currently preparing to release V2.


OK, so the fix is to turn the Stream deck upside down until this is fixed?

Basically, yes. V2 will take some time

OK, then Ill continue using my countur media controller for a while :wink: