Can I do SSB audio remotely?

I am having great success with digital modes (JTDX, JS8CALL, VaraAC, PSK31, etc) great!
Is there a way to do remote SSB audio with headset/mike on Tablet and IC-705 in radio room?
I am using WFView with VBCable and VSPE from eterlogic currently. I am on a Win11 tablet.
Maybe a VSPE config?
Thanks, 73 Doug N8VY

Of course. Just set the audio sources for wfview directly to the mic and speaker of your choice. You’ll need to reconnect. This is how I usually use it!

de W6EL

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Thank you. That got me thinking. My IC-705 is the server and wfview is the remote client. So, if I choose my headset audio device, then I am using my headset as audio input to the 705. I have the choice of all my audio devices as source for the IC-705. It is all working now, thanks to your help. 73 Doug N8VY