Can I force my 7610 on LAN to disconnect from a 2nd LAN connection?

Hey all,

I have gone away from my QTH and apparently left my main PC connected to my 7610 on wfview. The reason I think this is because on wfview here on my laptop, the Radio Status box comes up green, making me think the radio is online, but refusing my connection from my laptop because it’s already connected to the home PC. The log also shows this line, which seems to mean there’s already a connection:

2023-07-01 13:37:14.005 INF udp: Got Connection status for: IC-7610 Busy: 1 Computer Peter-De-wfview IP “”

So I am assuming it will only allow one connection at a time.

I’m hoping to take part in a special event this week while I’m away from the QTH.

Is there any way I connect to the radio or force it to disconnect from the home PC while I am here on the road?

73 DE Peter N7MXK

Hi Peter,

I’ve run into this as well, and the only way we know to fix this is to either close the software left open, or, reboot the radio.

I wish there were a “kick the other user off” command!

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I am going to ask my dog sitter to power cycle the radio, so thanks for giving me that thought.

Cheers and 73 DE Peter N7MXK

Hello Peter.
Connected users can be disconnected using the Icom Remote Utility.
I hope it will be possible in Wfview as well.

Excerpt from the manual.


Hi Nakao,

That’s very interesting! Hopefully Elliott and team can incorporate it at some point.

Thanks for sharing!

73 DE Peter N7MXK

As admin user it appears you can kick off guests but we do not have a working admin mode. And then you need to be always log in as user, not admin.

I can power control remotely and I also can remotely log into Linux and windows, cli and gui wise, over port 22/tcp (eg over ssh)

The dogsitter for me :slight_smile: