Cannot get any audio

I had audio… i messed something up and i lost it. this is the termbin file from the client computer. is there anything you guys can see that im missing?

ill include the termbin file for the host as well…

thank you.

Hi Michael,

The first thing I noticed that is missing is the beginnings of the termbin files. They seem truncated.

On the server side, I don’t see a lot of needed details.

Can you give us a more complete picture? I’d like the entire log file please and also please tell us what operating systems you are using. Maybe try starting wfview and logging to termbin again (and send us the URLs).


de W6EL

Hi Elliott,
Thanks for getting back to me. I will be including the full termbin files this time. sorry about that. Im running windows 10 on my server computer, the client computer is running windows 11.



Thanks again for your help.

  • Mike

Another thing, between the sever and client do the audio settings under “network connected radios” need to match?
Edit: the only thing I see in the log that gives me some sort of inclination is “Audio Watchdog: no audio data received for 2s, restart required?”

Edit 2: now I’m getting some audio. It’s just choppy noise.

Edit 3: sorry for blowing up your notifications. I seem to have it sorted!

It’s all good, glad you got it.

Any idea what it was?

de W6EL