Cannot get Bandmaster working with WFView

Latest WFView 23 March 2023. IC-705.

Connection to radio works fine.

WSJT-X works fine usingHamlib NET rigctl

I have created a virtual serial port pair 11/12. I chose Virtual Serial Port 11 in WFView, and I am selecting Virtual Serial Port 12 in Bandmaster but it keeps saying the radio is not responding.

I have tried all possible baud rates without success. I remember I had this working over the weekend but I have made so many changes and my memory is foggy. Any help would be appreciated.


Mark, WD4ELG

I am reading the details and it looks like WFView is either/or: either RigCtlD or Virtual serial port but not both. Am I reading that correctly?

And if I am reading correctly, how does Omnirig interface with the 705 if I am using Hamlib RigCtlD?

I’m not able to get the virtual serial port to work for rig control to an IC-9700 from WSJT-X, even if I disable rigctld. I use com0com for virtual serial port connectivity, and it works fine with my Anan-100D to WSJT-X. So I gave up and am just using rigctld and that works fine for me with the 9700.

Maybe Phil @phil can weigh in on this. I did not find anything helpful in the archives…

Hi Mark,

wfview can use all the available interfaces at once.

I’m not personally familiar with bandmaster nor the windows virtual serial port system though.

de W6EL

Thanks, that’s good info and helps!

I was able to get everything working…operator error.

I have to modify my earlier statement. I’ve finally gotten to where I can control the rig via a virtual serial port from WSJT-X to Wfview. And this is working even though I also have the rigctld enabled at the same time, so I can switch back and forth in the WSJT-X configuration. The “magic” was the usual Windows technique of kicking things until they work, in particular I ended up using the setup program for the com0com virtual serial ports to reset their configuration.

Ditto here. Kept fiddling until it worked.